Early Learning

For Children Between 0 and 3 Years Old

Program Description

The Early Learning Program is the first experience families have with PREP and we strive to lay the groundwork for a trusting relationship that will foster many happy years at PREP.

Our weekly parent-child classes for children ages 0-3 provide a warm and welcoming introduction to PREP. Parents value the opportunity to meet and share with other families who are also starting their challenging yet rewarding journey of parenting a child with Down syndrome. Parents will build a network of support as they learn through class time, workshops, and individual therapy consults.

Children enjoy the structured play based activities designed to introduce skills, which will help and support them in their transition to Early Child Service (ECS) and preschool.

If you are interested in more information about Early Learning, please contact Navdeep Khaira at nkhaira@prepprogram.ca

Program Dates and Fees



For more information about Early Learning or to register, please contact our Program Coordinator - Navdeep Khaira - at nkhaira@prepprogram.ca or 403-282-5011 ext. 130.

You do not need to be a member of PREP to register with Family Support. Any family who has a child with Down Syndrome (age 0-18) is welcome. Families can self refer, educator referral, Health Care Professional referral or FSCD referral. All families registered with Family Support will receive information on upcoming PREP workshops & webinars, Annual Moms Day Retreat and community events.

PREP Membership

A $75.00 CDN yearly Society Fee is mandatory to access all PREP programs.