Teen Program

For Teens in grades 7 to 12

Program Description

The Teen Program is uniquely designed to meet the social, emotional, and developmental needs of teens aged 12 – 18 years. The teen program centers around a group based therapy approach that uses a myriad of resources and experiences to continue to develop teens speech and language, occupational therapy, academic, executive functioning and social goals. Working with an educator, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist and speech and language assistant, PREP has developed a robust program that is designed to meet the individual needs of our students while giving them the resources to transition successfully into adulthood. Throughout their time in the program, teens will learn about healthy relationships, self regulation, social interactions, all while interwoven with building academic capacity and independence. Students are required to complete homework after each class with the goal of generalizing concepts and supporting parents involvement in the program. Each student receives two reports throughout the year that highlight individual goals and strategies to support their goals. The teen program strives to provide students with the skills in order to be active and engaged members in their communities.

Program Dates and Fees



For more information or to register, please contact our Program Coordinator - Navdeep Khaira - at nkhaira@prepprogram.ca or 403-282-5011 ext. 130.

PREP Membership

A $75.00 CDN yearly Society Fee is mandatory to access all PREP programs.