Teen Program

For Teens in grades 7 to 12

Program Description

With the encouragement of our volunteers, we see teens interacting, engaging and learning more about each other through the diverse outings.

Thanks to the long-term support of the Children’s Hospital Aid Society (CHAS), this program provides our teens (grades 7-12) with a fun context to learn independence skills as they get out and about in the community.

Teens have the opportunity to practice the skills they are learning in PREP Speech-Language Therapy sessions, Occupational Therapy sessions, and Reading sessions. The Teens Program Coordinator connects with PREP therapists and instructors (meetings, session observations) and accesses PREP reports to ensure expectations, strategies, and goals are consistent at PREP and in the community.

A wide variety of activities are planned to ensure that all teens can feel comfortable and involved. Activities may include attending concerts, sporting events, craft/movie nights or volunteer experiences all designed to provide a context to practice independence skills such as money handling, transportation, navigation, and communication.

Program Dates and Fees



For more information or to register, please contact our Program Coordinator - Navdeep Khaira - at nkhaira@prepprogram.ca or 403-282-5011 ext. 130.

Teens who are accessing PREP services and have paid the Annual Society fee are eligible to register for the Teens Program. Families complete the registration form at any time throughout the year. All costs for events are the responsibility of the family.

PREP Membership

A $75.00 CDN yearly Society Fee is mandatory to access all PREP programs.